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Facility Termination

This service will facilitate the Customer to Terminate their additional facilities lease. The Customer may not apply for facility termination if only one facility remains.

Process Steps

  • Customers can log in to Dubai Trade Portal
    • Navigate to ‘Lease’, scroll to the bottom and select ‘Facility Termination by Customer.’
    • Create and submit a new request for Facility Termination.

Documents Required

  • Final bill and receipt payment from DEWA (Applicable for Showroom, Warehouse and Plots)


  • The tenant is liable to pay the pro-rata rental up to the date of maintenance work completion of the leased unit(s).

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Processing Time

1 working days


Maintenance costs are payable as assessed by the Jafza End-of-Lease team

Access control

This service requires portal access on Dubai Trade by a company administrator

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