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Lease renewal

This service will request to renew the expiring Jafza Lease of the Company. The Lease must be valid to renew the Company’s Jafza License. The Lease Renewal Service Request (SR) Number is automatically created once the Lease is due for renewal; if the customer requires any changes to the existing Lease, they must contact Jafza prior.

Process steps

  • Customers can log in to Dubai Trade Portal via
  • Navigate to “Lease” and select “Renew Lease – Approval.”
  • Create and submit a new request to renew the Company’s Lease.

Documents required

  • Lease Rental payment confirmation.


Also, provide updated copies of insurance confirmation such as Workmen Compensation insurance, Third-party insurance, Fire insurance, etc.

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Processing time

1 working days (courier applicable for plot leases + 2 days)


Calculated as per Lease Agreement

Access control

This service requires portal access on Dubai Trade by a company administrator

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