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Warehouses to suit your storage needs


Pre-built warehouses for high-quality storage and light manufacturing

Warehouses are a critical part of any retail supply chain. Warehousing affects everything from sourcing raw materials, efficiently managing inventory and getting orders delivered on time for customers. This process entails storing physical goods before they’re sold or distributed in dedicated warehouses where it’s safe to do so while tracking how much space each item occupies as well as its location at all times – something that can’t be done with products stored anywhere else besides these facilities.

Jafza offers pre-built warehouses for high-quality storage and light manufacturing activities. These pre-built warehouses are high quality, thermally insulated purpose-built units available on a rental basis and are fitted with office space. Units fitted with office space vary in size from 313 sqm to 670 sqm.

Looking to lease a warehouse?

Come talk to our team of experts and let us guide you on your journey to setting up a business with leasing a warehouse.

Warehouses at Jafza

Features of warehouses in Jafza include;


Ramps for forklift

Loading docks

Loading docks for containers and trucks

Fire safety

Fire exits, fire alarms, fire-safety equipment, and safety protocols


Infrastructure for telecommunications

Shared utilities

Electricity and water infrastructures with a standard power range of 42–127 kilowatt


Dedicated parking facilities for staff

Floor load capacity

A floor load capacity of 5 tons per square metre

Warehouse heights

Warehouses with heights ranging from 6 to 12 metres


24྾7 CCTV monitoring within the free zone


Warehouse sizes ranging from 313 to 1,110 square metres

Separate Entrances

Separate entrances for offices, showrooms, and cargo

Industrial Warehouses

Warehouses are the backbone of any retail supply chain. Jafza has been providing warehousing solutions since 1980 and our team has decades of experience working with businesses to provide the best solution. Industrial warehouses in Jafza are available with as low as 543 sq.m in size.

Light Industrial Units (LIU’s)

A LIU is the perfect solution if you need storage space that doesn’t take up too much room or require too many resources. With our flexible leasing options, we can help make sure you have access to all of the storage space you need. Light Industrial Units in Jafza are available with as low as 313 sq.m in size up to 619 sq.m with a power range of 10KW to 74 KW

Cold Storage Warehouses

A Jafza-provided solution for dedicated cold storage warehousing. With industries such as Food, Livestock and Agriculture, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals thriving in Jafza, we offer solutions that cater to the needs of cold storage.

Jafza Logistics Park

16 units and a total of 46,112 sq.m. of leasable flexible space makes The Jafza Logistics Park an ideal hub for global trade. The Logistics Park will be a specialised industrial, trading and logistics zone. With its close proximity to the port, airport, rail network and highways, the Logistics Park is built to facilitate imports and exports.


Jafza provides a range of solutions to choose from

Plots of Land

Lands of various sizes for short- and long-term leases are available in Jafza

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Choose from showrooms with a dedicated warehouse, office space over two floors and prime showroom frontage.

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Office space

Customers can lease any space they desire, whether it’s a floor in a high-rise building or a whole building

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A world of opportunities

Custom warehouses for your industry

Talk to us about your requirements, and we can help customise your warehouse requirements at Jafza.
warehouse for rent in jafza


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