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Existing Company Expansion

Existing Jafza companies interested in expanding can lease additional facilities or relocate to a larger facility within Jafza.

Process steps

A. Expression of interest

The Customer can contact the Jafza sales team to enquire about additional facilities through the following channels:

  1. Dubai Trade Portal:
    • Customers can log in to Dubai Trade Portal via
    • Navigate to “Lease”, scroll to the bottom and select “Request for Additional Facility.”
    • Create and submit a new request for Expansion
  2. Over the phone: UAE: 800 – JAFZA(52392); International: +971 4 445 3270
  3. In person at our Jafza Sales Centre at Jafza 15 (Map Directions)

B. Selecting a Suitable Facility:

Jafza Facility (Direct Lease): Once the expansion request is received, the sales expert will offer suitable facilities available for the Customer to select.

Non-Jafza Facility (Sublease): Jafza must issue a No Objection letter to sublease a facility. This allows an Investor (Sublessee) to lease space at another existing company’s premise (Sublessor).

  • Sublease agreements must originate as a request to Jafza from the Sublessor.

C. Lease Agreement and Key Handover:

The lease agreement for the reserved facility of choice is generated and sent to the Customer. The Customer receives the keys/access to the facility and the finalised lease agreement.

See table below for Licensing fees

License Fees (AED) Groups Activities Additional Activity Fees
Trading 5,000 One 7 (up to 17) AED 500 per additional activity
8,500 Two 12 (up to 17)
Industrial 5,000 One 7 (up to 17)
8,500 Two 12 (up to 17)
National Industries 5,500 One 7 (up to 17)
9,000 Two 12 (up to 17)
Service 5,000
General Trading 15,000
Logistics 15,000
Holding 30,000

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Processing Time

3 working days


AED 5,000 Registration Fees

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