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Health and safety guidelines for Jafza

As the world’s largest free zone for trade and business, The Jebel Ali Free Zone has a responsibility to maintain standards of health and security within the free zone. With over 8,500 businesses registered in the free zone, and with an area of 59 Sq. Km, the need to have procedures in place for Health and Safety regulations is of utmost importance to Jafza.

All businesses registered at Jafza must submit the EHS Regulation form at the time of registering their company formation and issuing the license. These EHS regulations can also be found on As part of this guideline, the following aspects are mandatory to be followed:

  • Reporting of accidents or serious illnesses
  • Collection of domestic waste
  • Domestic sewage
  • Industrial waste
  • Disposal of hazardous waste
  • Use of containers
  • Public health levy
  • Fire protection, fire prevention and fire/emergency control
  • General traffic rules and regulations
  • Vehicles owned by Jafza customers
  • General rules and regulations for staff accommodation
  • Occupancy of rooms
  • Cooking in rooms
  • Security protocols

A detailed set of rules and regulations in regards to Health and Safety can be downloaded here.

All Jafza customers shall comply with EHS regulations. EHS or Jafza may take necessary action in the event of non-compliance.

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