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Adding new activities to your licence

When you operate a business, the business licence requires a set of activities. Jafza offers various types of business licences, and each type of licence includes a set of activities. Activity on the licence is a predetermined business activity that is carried out by your business which is legally allowed as part of your business operations.

Each activity is part of a “Group”, and hence a set of activities within the same group are classified as similar activities a business may operate with.

If you want to add business activities to your business licence or delete business activities from your business licence, you need to submit a request to Jafza.

Steps to add an activity to your licence

Adding business activities to the licence will require paying the official fee and submitting a business activity amendment request. The business activity amendment is done for business licences that are currently active

  1. Review the list of activities available as per the Dubai Economic Department. Download the list of activites from here.
  2. Determine which business activity needs to be added to your licence
  3. Determine if the activity is part of a group that exists on your current licence
  4. Submit a request via email or visit our customer service desk at Jafza service centre.
    • If certain activities need EHS approval, this will be validated by Jafza before proceeding.
    • If certain activities require third-party approval, this must be obtained by the business.
  5. Each additional activity that exceeds the maximum allowed activity per group will be charged AED 500 additionally.

What does adding an activity mean?

Every business is required to have an active business licence in order to make an amendment. The cost of your licence is determined by the number of activities added to it.

For example, a trading licence has 3 cost brackets, each determined by the number of activities and groups. Learn more about the activities and issuing a trading licence from our guide.

Once a business activity is added to the licence, a business may legally operate such activities.

Need help?

A business can always contact their account manager or our customer service centre for more information regarding adding a business activity. Alternatively, you can also apply online through the Jafza service portal.

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