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Jafza and Nadiya Dates: Sweeting Ramadan all over the world

Dates; the staple of millions of household dining tables the world over when Ramadan comes around each year.  As the holy month proceeds, families across the world will open their daily fast with healthy fruit.

Dates represent a rich historical, religious, and cultural heritage in the Middle East and the Arab world. Dates were always considered the healthiest source of vitamins and sugars in the harsh climate of the Arabian Peninsula and as a result, became central to life in the region.

Now, as families get ready for the daily traditional Iftar feast, one company has quickly become synonymous with reinventing our perception of what the highest-quality dates look like on our Iftar dining table.

For the 21st year, Nadiya Dates is gearing up to provide customers with luxury Arabian delicacies. The company – established in 2002 – sees dates as a traditional expression of Arabian hospitality, and the company has worked hard to enhance our experience with the fruit. Now, generations have enjoyed Nadiya’s luxury products thanks to their focus on creating the perfect date.

Jafza, the leading trade and logistics hub in the Middle East, complemented by Jebel Ali Port, the 12th largest port worldwide, created the Jebel Ali hub that has been pivotal in supporting Nadiya to offer a range of date products. Through the free zone’s world-class infrastructure, access to multimodal connectivity via the port and the Dubai Logistics Corridor, digital trade solutions through the Dubai Trade portal, and value-added services such as warehousing, transport, and customs clearance, Nadiya optimised its operations and focused on what it does best: producing the highest-quality dates in the world.

In the last five years, the export of dates facilitated by the Jebel Ali Hub witnessed a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of six per cent, making their way to more families in Morocco, India, Iraq, and Bangladesh and across the globe. Nadiya’s journey and Jafza’s consistent growth in the import and export of dates have created a sweet success story. In just two decades, the company has expanded its reach in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, Oman, Bahrain, China, and different parts of Africa.

The company offers a wide variety of dates, including whole dates, stuffed dates, seedless dates, and chocolate dates. Nadiya has also made significant changes to its products and services, including new product development that delivers affordable luxury products to consumers and new corporate box designs for Ramadan, Diwali, and National Day.

“As a regional business, we are very proud to have grown so quickly over the past two decades.”

Ramadan reflects how important a business we have become and it is fulfilling to know that our date products are consumed all over the world. But to facilitate our growth and for millions to enjoy our dates, we need partners that support us and in Jafza, we have had and continue to have a multi-faceted partner that has elevated our business and operations

Nick Papadopoulos, General Manager, Nadiya Dates

Thanks to Jafza’s support, the company can focus on providing customers with delicious, high-quality dates that are a traditional expression of Arabian hospitality.

Nadiya’s evolution from a small family business to a global brand is a remarkable UAE story of success. And thanks to working closely with Jafza, Nadiya has been able to harness the appetite for high-quality locally produced dates around the world.


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